We are a family business founded with the mission of providing the best facilities and service to meet the needs of all companies in the sector.


Sevitrade is a customer-oriented organisation whose highly professional team strives for excellence in our day-to-day work. We know that what differentiates us from the competition is advance planning and efficient execution.


With a track record of more than thirty years in the sector our goal is to continue achieving stable growth hand in hand with our customers.


Francisco García Campos 

Sevitrade Founder


Sevitrade was founded and developed with the aim of realising its customers’ vision by ensuring that we always provide a comprehensive service that differentiates us from the rest. Traditional business values such as hard work, lean management and a passion for service are in our DNA.

This approach is backed by anticipative strategic planning to ensure that we are always ready to meet the customers’ needs.

Port operations


Fertiliser logistics


WHAT Difference US

Family business with wide experience in the sector.
Our group of companies, experts in the logistics-port sector, are based in Seville.
Solid, proven experience in various sectors.
We work with steelmakers, fertiliser manufacturers, cereal producers and chemical companies, among others.
Security measures in our warehouses.
We have implemented control systems in our warehouses to prevent and – as required detect – incidents.
Spacious facilities and infrastructures.
We are equipped with excellent port facilities (our own cranes, backhoe loaders, front-end loaders, conveyor belts, etc.) and fertiliser logistics equipment (sack and big-bag baggers, sifters, automatic palletisers, etc.).


Esclusa dock

Construction of the Esclusa dock was completed

31 ago. 1957


Sevitrade S.A. was incorporated.

03 feb. 1980

Administrative concession

Board of Works granted Sevitrade an administrative concession to occupy a plot at the southern end of the right bank of the Alfonso XIII Canal

14 feb. 1990

Sevitrade acquired a plot of land

In the La Isla industrial estate where an office building and a warehouse already existed.

14 oct. 1999

Administrative concession of the Cuarto dock

The Seville Port Authority granted Sevitrade a 45-year administrative concession of the Cuarto dock to build a liquid cargo terminal.

20 sep. 2010

First two Sevitrade cranes

Arrived at the Esclusa terminal. They came from the Port of Cadiz Consortium.

30 sep. 2011

The “Vinlandia” berthed at the Liquid Logistic Terminal

The first tanker to operate in these facilities after they had been acquired by Sevitrade a year earlier.

03 abr. 2012

First company to form part of the Port of Seville free zone

After nine months of paperwork and procedures. With its 112 hectares, it is the largest in Spain.

29 sep. 2017

The “Maerks Katalin” berthed at the Esclusa dock

The merchant ship with the largest load that has ever sailed on the Guadalquivir.

06 ago. 2018

Began operating two 100-ton capacity cranes

From slipway number four of the former Astilleros de Sevilla shipyard after they had lain idle for several years.

19 nov. 2018

Embarked the first sections of the largest offshore wind tower in the world

At the Armamento dock. Made by GRI for General Electric, it is 135 metres high with a breadth of 8.5 metres. Each section weighed 250 tonnes.

10 jun. 2019



Declaration of the General Policy on Quality, the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety

Responsabilidad corporativa

Corporate Responsability